Howdy! This blog is an extension of my regular blog,  I thought that since this is a specialized blog focusing on home repair, and my journey into it, it really needs a separate space, since my other blog is everything from politics to musings to rants and raves and everything in between. But a specialty blog makes better sense when covering a topic like this.

I’m a forty-something guy living near Raleigh, NC. Though my name is Morris, people will insist on calling me “Mo.” I don’t mind. I was also an EMT for years, so doing rescue was my forte, hence the name “Rescuemo.”  I am a writer, currently with one novel completed and another underway.

I’m not a home repair expert. I’m learning, just like many folks out there. My goal, once I found out I can’t really stay in this house, is to get my old one back up to snuff so it’s once again a livable and enjoyable space.  The work will be voluminous. Paint, floors, bathroom, electrical, roofing, heat/AC, all kinds of repairs will need to be done. Generally speaking, the painting and floors and heat are the primary concerns at the moment. After that, I will be focusing on the other stuff as time and money permit.  So that is my disclaimer: I’m not an expert, so don’t interpret what you read to be “expert” advice. It is more my journey than anything else, but you’re welcome to try out anything you see!