The day I was looking forward to for a long time turned into a disaster!

All the main painting work was done, the trim finished, everything moved out and floors swept and vacuumed. So, at 9:00 am I arrived at the rental place and picked up the floor sander, and a bunch of sandpaper.

By 12:00 noon I had everything ready and fired up the sander.

The unit is extremely heavy, but operates very smoothly.

But no sooner had I started than I realized I had a significant problem.

This area has been sanded four times in the picture, and you can see here, absolutely nothing is accomplished. The sander could not even touch this old stuff. This is not the cheap stuff you buy today that’s just pressed sawdust and glue with a thin layer of veneer on top. This is solid wood, one inch thick, with a heavy-duty finish on it.

So, I went out to the building to get my belt sander, and tried that.

The belt sander, using a medium 80-grit paper, was able to cut right through to the wood. So, that made it clear, I’ll need to do the floors with a drum sander, which is an entirely different kind of work. It’s a lot more labor intensive, but it’s something I have done before and it’s difficult to use,  so at least I know what I’m dealing with.

Thanksgiving is upon us, so that’s all the work until after the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!