July 21, 2011

One thing I did not mention in my previous post was how much I have spent up to date. I wanted to include those figures in the blog, because doing this work on a budget is sort of the point here. I am not including previous work, which includes buying and installing (by myself) a complete 3-ton heat pump/AC unit and all the vents and ductwork associated with that.  I also put on a new roof, including all new half-inch plywood.

So far, as I start renovating from scratch, I have spent a grand total of $46.53. I got two gallons of paint and a set of disposable roller brushes.

Today’s work was to start on the second coat of paint for the living room.  The first day (actually it was two days; I didn’t think about doing a blog of this until day two, but never mind) I shopped at Lowe’s and picked out a color and got two cans of paint. Probably should have gotten the cheapest, but I know from long experience you get what you pay for. Cheapest was $8.00 a gallon, this was $17.00. But not the most expensive I could have gone with.

First coat went on well, but as I started this evening, I noticed the paint in the roller pan (dried hard after yesterday’s painting) started peeling off and getting on the walls. In other words, small little strips of dried paint lifted off the bottom of the pan and curled around the brush, then transferring to the wall. I had never had that happen before, most of the times it dried rock hard and stayed on the bottom of the pan. I am guessing the humidity prevented complete drying this time.

Lesson learned. I brought the pans home and they are soaking in the tin washtub in the backyard this evening. I will thoroughly clean them tomorrow afternoon before going back over.

So, I did not get the entire second coat done, more like one-third. I did manage to get the first coat on the hallway, though. One thing is clear: I will need one more gallon of paint. Thankfully, pay-day is just over a week away, so that will help. It’s no biggie, I can always find another project to work on in the meantime.

Here are today’s pictures. This first one shows the hallway leading to the two bedrooms and the bathroom. I’ve just done roller brushing so far; I will do the trim edges once both coats are complete for the walls.

Second photo shows the view along the living room wall as it leads to the front bedroom. Note the opening for a wood or coal heater pipe in the wall; chimney is directly behind the wall.

Lastly, this photo below shows the corner of the living room. This was an addition built on later, perhaps in the fifties or early sixties. Does make for a nice, wider living room. Could be a dining area or something else. I will likely use it for my study.  Paint had not completely dried, so some sections are darker.


Total cost so far:    $46.53.  I will keep a running tab of all costs in this blog. Should make for interesting reading.