July 20, 2011

Ok, the work has begun.  One thing that happened, I rented the house last summer to a lady right after I painted the living room.  She didn’t like the color I chose, so she chose to repaint it bowel-movement brown. She even painted the trim brown.  Horrible. After doing this damage, the renter decided not to move in, after all. So, I had to start all over. I chose a light tan color this time. The pics show the before and after.

In the first pic, you can see the ugly brown in the corner where the front door and front closet are. I have scraped, but not painted, those doors.

And the second photo shows the painting begun.  It’s still wet, so it looks glossy. But it’s a flat color.

Sorry the quality isn’t good; took these with my phone. I will have my digital Nikon with me for future photos.